Buying a Home in Metro Louisville

Helping You Buy the Home of Your Dreams

What makes a property a home? Is it the size, number of rooms, or maybe the amenities it offers? While these components may contribute to your home-buying decision, what really makes a property home is the feeling you experience you walk through the front door. You can instantly visualize you spending time with your partner there, enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch or maybe reading a book on the couch. If you’ve found such home, I can help you set a plan and make the right offer for buying the home of your dreams. With years of experience of working in the real estate industry of Metro Louisville, Kentucky, I have helped several of my clients find the home that perfectly suits their needs and expectations. From finding the right property to its inspection and negotiation with the seller, I can provide you the support you need to make your home-buying journey smooth and seamless. I can help you with the following aspects of a home purchase.

  • Preparing a wish-list and determining the budget.
  • Conducting the home search. I use my extended real estate network to find homes that are not publicly listed on MLS.
  • Scheduling property tours.
  • Arranging home inspections, if required.
  • Establishing the right price of the property and making an offer.
  • Negotiating the offer and completing the paperwork.

Exceeding Your Expectations – Bobby Pruitt

When you’re in the market to buy your dream home, it’s important that you have a buyer’s agent on your side who can provide you expert advice and help you find a home that matches your lifestyle and your budget. With a wealth of experience helping clients make the best purchase of their life, I can offer you the knowledge and resources you need to buy a home that not only has all the features you’re looking for, but also offers great value for your hard earned money.

If you’re ready to make the biggest financial decision of your life, let me help you with the process and negotiate the absolute best price for your home-to-be.

To learn more, please contact me.